Gnimboo is that space where every day photographers from all over the world sell their photographs to people living unique moments in the street, in touristic areas, while they´re enjoying their hobbies, or wherever your imagination as a photographer wants to go to capture great photos of situations which deserve to be immortalised by your camera.



After over a decade working in the audiovisual field as a freelancer specialized in advertising and filmmaking, I decided to convey to everyone that enjoying what you do daily and earning your living doing it, is possible. Gnimboo was born as the way to join my two passions: the beauty of the memories captured in images, and making possible that all of you who share this passion can earn your living enjoying it, with no strings attached, at your own pace, with inspiration and self-improvement as your only bosses.



Since I was 17 I´ve been linked to the Internet field as a designer, programmer, online marketing technician, and also as a producer of traveling reports for national and international tourist offices. Enthusiastic, entrepreneur, hard-working, I count on a list of over 40 countries visited which I have been portraying within the last 8 years with my camera, in one of the most visited traveling blogs in Spain. ¿Gnimboo? A crazy dream. Striking our hands on the table. A before and after in the photography field, where you and the people you photograph are the ones who matter. We just make it easy for you. Very easy. | About us | Work with us | Spanish Web en español
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